I'm Youmi

I am a product designer with passion for problem solving. My experience ranges from optimizing conversion for e-commerce businesses like Sportchek and Saje to designing a complex route-planning software for delivery businesses.   

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My Design Journey



Wearing multiple hats

At IHN Media, I wore different hats: consulting and making elevator ads, and leading a web software along with engineers and PM. As a starting designer, it was a great opportunity to experience different fields within design.



Working with designers

AT YWorld, I worked along side with two other designers. Each of us had strength in different areas and brought different values to the table. Working with them, I learned a great deal about diversity and its impact on product quality.



Learning about great company culture

Working at Strutta taught me the importance of transparency and intellectual honesty. I worked along side a design mentor and closely with engineers. I also coded front-end development for small projects.



Helping businesses grow with design

Widerfunnel taught me many things as I matured as a designer. One of them is the importance of qualitative and quantitative data in design. This helped me step closer to understand the role of design to business. 

Since 2016


Growing product and people

Working at Routific has truly been grateful. I've matured as a designer and learnt a thing or two that changed my outlook on life. As a designer, it has given me the opportunity to not only grow a product but also people around me.

My Design Principles

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Be humble

Humility is the most valuable and important trait a designer should obtain during the course of their career. It means no ego: no ego means the opportunity to grow and to learn. 

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Regardless of how complex the attributes of an experience are, users should be able to accomplish a task without having to notice them.

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Test sooner and iterate fast

After all, all designs need to be presented to users for validation. The sooner you present the idea in front of the user, the quicker you can iterate and come up with a better idea.

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